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Thanks and Appreciation to:

        PT . Tansri Gani PT . Cahaya Buana Intitama
        PT . Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastik
        PT . Hartono Istana Teknologi
        PT . Plastic Injection Indonesia
        PT . Zebra Asaba Industries
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Research & Development


In order to achieve the company vision and mission, PT Bukit Surya Mas realize that the important key towards such achievement its and outstanding production equipment and the research & development equipped with laboratory facilities such as data color, injection machine, blow machine, extruder, etc.

The research & development is very important department in anticipating fast development of technology. It is also responsible for quality assurance, quality enhancement, and inventing new line of products

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PT Bukit Surya Mas would like to be the best colorant industry in Indonesia, which provides excellent product quality, competitive prices, and outstanding services, while keep maintaining good relationship with its customer